Former chairman Ghosn sues Nissan for over $1 billion in compensation

Ghosn sues Nissan for $1 billion compensation

【PhoneAuto News】The disputes between former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn and his old company are not over yet! According to PhoneAuto, Ghosn recently sued Nissan for over $1 billion.


According to foreign media reports, a lawsuit shows that Ghosn sued Nissan and related parties, accusing them of “conspiring” to remove him from office in 2018 and arranging his arrest on suspicion of financial misconduct. As a result, he is seeking more than $1 billion from Nissan to compensate for the “serious damage” he suffered in finance and reputation.

The court documents seen by the media show that the complaint was filed on May 18th. It is reported that Ghosn has asked the prosecutor of the Court of Cassation in Lebanon to claim compensation. The lawsuit requires Nissan to compensate Ghosn for $588 million in compensation and other expenses, and pay $500 million in punitive damages. Ghosn also claimed in the lawsuit that the “serious and sensitive charges against him will linger in people’s minds for many years”, and said that he “will suffer the torture of these charges in his remaining years because they have a lasting and indelible impact, even if only based on suspicion.”


As for why Ghosn sued Nissan in Lebanon, PhoneAuto believes it is necessary to recall the dramatic story before. In February 2020, Nissan filed a civil lawsuit against Ghosn in the Yokohama District Court, accusing him of long-term improper behavior that caused huge losses to the company and demanding compensation of 10 billion yen. In fact, Ghosn faced multiple charges in Japan, including embezzlement of public funds, concealing income, transferring personal investment losses to the company, and serious breach of trust. He was originally scheduled to be tried in Japan in April 2020. However, he fled Japan during the bail period at the end of December 2019 and flew to Lebanon via Turkey. Since then, he has been living in Lebanon.

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