National Office China will essentially complete the construction of a high-quality charging infrastructure system by 2030

China's National Office aims to finish building a high-quality charging infrastructure by 2030

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of June 19th, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Further Constructing a High-quality Charging Infrastructure System”, proposing targeted opinions and suggestions for the supplementing problem in the development of new energy vehicles in China.

The “Guiding Opinions” propose that by 2030, a high-quality charging infrastructure system with extensive coverage, moderate scale, reasonable structure, and perfect functions will be basically built to effectively support the development of the new energy vehicle industry and meet the charging needs of the people. The charging network should be built in the layout of city, highway, and rural areas, with the proportion of standardized charging conditions for parking spaces in large and medium-sized cities striving to exceed the proportion of registered electric vehicles in cities, and the coverage of charging services in rural areas steadily increasing. The charging infrastructure should complement each other in speed and slowness, be intelligent and open, provide safe, reliable, economical and convenient charging services, and have basic standardization and market supervision systems. The industry’s regulatory and governance capabilities should be basically modernized, and technology and innovation should reach the world’s advanced level.

The opinion points out that in order to optimize and improve the layout of the charging network, it is necessary to build a convenient and efficient intercity charging network, a interconnected urban agglomeration charging network, a structurally perfect urban charging network, and an effectively covered rural charging network, thus covering the charging network between cities, urban agglomerations, cities, and rural areas, and achieving large-scale coverage of the charging network. The opinion also proposes that the construction of charging infrastructure should be promoted in residential areas and public areas.

Corresponding opinions and suggestions have been put forward in improving operational level, enhancing technological innovation leadership, and strengthening support and guarantee, so as to further build a high-quality charging infrastructure system, better meet the needs of the people to purchase and use new energy vehicles, and help promote the green and low-carbon transformation of transportation and the construction of modern infrastructure system.

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