KIA EV5 rendering exposed, may replace Seltos or Sportage, with a design similar to small EV9

KIA EV5 rendering unveiled, potential replacement for Seltos/Sportage with design resembling small EV9

【PhoneAuto News】In the current wave of electrification transformation, Korean carmaker Kia has set itself an ambitious goal: to sell 1.6 million pure electric vehicles by 2030, with the initial goal being 1.2 million. In order to achieve this vision, Kia plans to launch at least two pure electric car models every year, thus forming a strong lineup of 15 pure electric vehicles by 2027. Among these models, the highly anticipated one is undoubtedly the compact pure electric SUV, EV5.

Kia EV5 concept car

It is understood that in March of this year, the Kia EV5 concept car was officially unveiled in China, and its modern design received considerable praise. EV5 is positioned as the new generation of electric brother models of Sportage, and may be launched in the fourth quarter along with the flagship model EV9. Although the concept car photos were released, foreign designers still created a rendering of the production version of EV5 based on the concept car and Kia’s family design.

Kia EV5 rendering (source seen in watermark)

The design of EV5 is based on the design style of its “big brother” EV9, making EV5 look very sharp. Like EV9, EV5’s front face also adopts a design called “Digital Tiger Face” and a full-width LED strip at the bottom. From the side, the shape of EV5 is also more square, with a waistline running from the front hood to the rear of the car. The B, C, and D pillars of the vehicle are also smoky black to create the impression of a floating roof. The C-shaped outline light at the rear effectively enhances the visual width of the rear of the car.

The design of the interior of the new car maintains the same sense of lines as the exterior. The EV5’s dashboard and central control screen adopt an integrated design, highlighting the vehicle’s sense of technology. The car will also support Kia Connect Store, which can be used for subscribing to vehicle services. This means that car owners can conveniently subscribe and install updates, thereby enriching the vehicle’s functionality. The updates that the EV5 may include are semi-automatic driving assistance functions, as well as various functions related to lighting and seat comfort, further enhancing the driving experience and personalized options.

The interior of the Kia EV5 concept car

Kia has not disclosed any specific details about the power system. However, the EV5 is likely to use the electric global modular platform (E-GMP) similar to that of the EV9. This suggests that it may offer both single-motor and dual-motor power modes. In addition, a high-performance GT version may also appear in future development trends.

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