Starting at 189,900 yuan, the Buick pure electric coupe SUV E4 has been launched, with a maximum range of 620 km

Buick's pure electric SUV E4 has been launched at 189,900 yuan with a 620 km range

【PhoneAuto News】At 7:30 pm on June 19th, SAIC-GM Buick held a new car launch conference in China. At this conference, the pure electric coupe SUV Buick E4 was officially launched, with a total of four models priced at 189,900 to 259,900 yuan.

Buick E4 Price

From an external perspective, the Buick E4 adopts the brand-new PURE Design concept that is consistent with the ELECTRA-X concept car. The front face adopts a split-type headlight design and inherits the classic family language of Buick’s double-wing LED daytime running lights. In conjunction with the three-dimensional surface design of the front face, it effectively widens the horizontal visual perception.

Buick E4

The whole vehicle adopts the design concept of a coupe SUV. From the side, it looks like a sleek shape, so it also has beautiful lines. Another feature of the car is the use of a short front and rear suspension design, which further improves the vehicle’s wheelbase. In the case of the overall length, width, and height of the vehicle being 4818mm/1912mm/1581mm, the wheelbase reaches 2954mm, which also brings a more spacious interior space.

Buick E4

Inside the vehicle, the Buick E4 is equipped with the new generation VCS intelligent cockpit and the latest iteration of eConnect intelligent technology as standard across the entire series. It is equipped with an EYEMAX 30-inch curved 6K screen and built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which not only provides an extremely smooth interactive operation experience for the car, but also supports the entire vehicle system-level multi-module OTA parallel refresh. In terms of intelligence, the latest version of the Buick eConnect intelligent technology can bring a variety of online video services, and can also provide smart scene engines, voice skill combination custom functions.

Buick E4 Interior

As for the power, Buick ELECTRA E4 Standard Range version is equipped with a 65kWh battery capacity and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 180kW and a maximum torque of 330 N·m. It has a CLTC-rated range of 530km. The GS Long Range Four-Wheel Drive version adopts a motor layout of front permanent magnet synchronous and rear induction asynchronous. It has a maximum power of 211kW, a maximum torque of 465 N·m, and a CLTC-rated range of 620km.

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