Possible Spontaneous Combustion Risk! Jeep Officially Recalls Over 130,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs Overseas

Jeep recalls 130k Cherokee SUVs over spontaneous combustion risk

[PhoneAuto News] Recently, according to PhoneAuto, Jeep officially recalled 132,099 units of the Cherokee from 2014 to 2016 in overseas markets. It is reported that the reason is the potential risk of spontaneous combustion of the above vehicles. Jeep officials stated that regardless of whether these cars are parked or driven, there is a risk of electrical short circuits, which increases the risk of spontaneous combustion.

It is understood that Jeep launched an investigation into the issue in January 2023, as reports of spontaneous combustion accidents were on the rise. Through fire analysis, witness statements, and vehicle conditions, engineers eventually determined that the spontaneous combustion may have been caused by a short circuit in the power window module. However, Jeep did not specify the cause of the short circuit.

Jeep Cherokee

Currently, Jeep has received 50 customer assistance records related to the cases, 23 warranty claims, and 21 on-site reports possibly related to the incident. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries or deaths. Jeep has decided to start the recall on June 30th, but currently has not developed a solution. Jeep is still looking for a solution to the electrical short circuit problem. In the meantime, Jeep recommends that the recalled vehicles be parked outdoors and away from buildings to prevent a potential fire from igniting the building.

According to previous reports, Stellantis Group and GAC Group issued announcements stating that due to continued losses in recent years, the two parties are negotiating to terminate the joint venture company GAC Fiat Chrysler’s operations. They will gradually stop the localization of the Jeep brand and confirm the impairment of approximately 297 million euros in the first half of 2022. This also means that Jeep’s domestic models will officially withdraw from the Chinese market.

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