National Development and Reform Commission Multiple measures taken to expand consumption of new energy vehicles and promote high-quality development

The National Development and Reform Commission is promoting the expansion of new energy vehicles consumption with multiple measures for high-quality development

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that the National Development and Reform Commission stated at a press conference that the new energy vehicle industry is currently facing unprecedented development opportunities. Next, we will continue to improve policies and measures, guide relevant parties to seize opportunities, improve technological innovation capabilities, build a new type of industry ecology, promote the integration of industries, improve infrastructure systems, deepen open exchanges and cooperation, continuously improve the core competitiveness of the industry, and take multiple measures to expand the consumption of new energy vehicles and promote the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry.

The National Development and Reform Commission also emphasized that overall, China’s new energy vehicle market in rural areas is still in the initial stage, with a relatively low total inventory, insufficient charging infrastructure construction, insufficient supply of economically practical vehicle models, and insufficient sales service capabilities, which have hindered the promotion and use of new energy vehicles.

Currently, relevant departments have been vigorously promoting the popularization of new energy vehicles in rural areas. Previously, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure to Better Support the Popularization of New Energy Vehicles in Rural Areas and the Revitalization of Rural Areas”, which encouraged places with conditions to give vouchers and other support to rural residents who purchase new energy vehicles within the county where their household registration is located; encouraged relevant automobile companies and places with conditions to provide incentives for replacing low-speed electric vehicles with new energy vehicles; and encouraged companies to provide high-quality second-hand new energy vehicles for the rural market.

Currently, due to factors such as the insufficient charging infrastructure, purchasing conditions, and the price of new energy vehicles themselves, the popularity of new energy vehicles in rural areas of China is lower than that in urban areas. There is still a vast market waiting to be developed here, which can help China’s new energy vehicle industry to further advance.

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