SAIC’s response to Audi’s purchase of its electric platform There are no significant matters to be announced

SAIC's response to Audi's purchase of its electric platform No significant announcements

【phoneauto News】Recently, phoneauto noticed that previously there were rumors that Audi was in negotiations with SAIC Group to purchase its electric vehicle platform. It is possible that they will purchase the electric vehicle platform of Zhiji brand, which includes the three-electric system, lower body, and intelligent driving system. In response to the rumors, officials from SAIC Group stated that the company currently has no undisclosed major matters to disclose. If there are significant developments that require disclosure according to the requirements of listed companies, the company will fulfill its disclosure obligations accordingly.

Previously, phoneauto noticed that Wang Guoxin, the legal representative of Moshan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., stated on a social media platform that he received information from an insider that Audi and Zhiji will cooperate on the electric vehicle platform. Zhiji is a high-end brand under SAIC, and SAIC itself is a partner of Audi. The two have a close relationship.

He also speculated that Zhiji currently has two products on sale, L7 and LS7, and a third product LS6 will be launched at the Chengdu Auto Show this year. In terms of product price range, Zhiji’s products are in the 200,000 to 500,000 yuan range, which overlaps with the price range of Audi’s main products. This also avoids damaging the Audi brand after using a platform from a Chinese domestic automaker. In addition, to avoid significant market fluctuations, the platform purchase may adopt a differentiated strategy of “north-south division.”

It is worth mentioning that besides the domestic rumors, local German media have also reported that Audi is planning to find a local partner in China for its electric vehicle platform to compete with Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturers and shorten the development time of Audi’s electric vehicle models.

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