2024 JETOUR Dasheng officially goes on sale, with 5 models priced from 96,900 to 129,900 yuan.

JETOUR Dasheng 2024 Now Available for Purchase Starting from 96,900 yuan, 5 Models to Choose From

【PhoneAuto News】On October 18th, the new Jietu Dasheng was officially launched. This car has a total of 5 models, with prices ranging from 96,900 yuan to 129,900 yuan.

From the external design, the new Jietu Dasheng adopts a more rugged mech style, making the front face fashionable and dynamic. The combination of a digitized borderless grille and a split LED front headlight not only highlights the fashionable sense of the front face but also enhances its recognition. The new car offers six body colors for consumers to choose from, and the 1.6T model is also equipped with red sporty accents and quad exhausts, highlighting its sportsmanship. Inside the car, a simple yet sophisticated visual experience awaits. The eye-catching 15.6-inch floating screen on the center console, integrated with Tencent’s connected car system, makes driving more intelligent and convenient. Users can perform various functions through voice control, eliminating the cumbersome button process. In addition, the new car is equipped with a range of high-end configurations such as DMS/OMS, HUD head-up display system, L2.5 advanced driver assistance, Hi-Fi high-fidelity audio, integrated flight seats, and luxurious electronic shift, providing drivers with a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

In terms of power performance, the new Jietu Dasheng is equipped with 1.6T and 1.5T engines to meet the needs of different consumers. The 1.6T engine has a maximum power of 197 horsepower and peak torque of 290 Nm, paired with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 156 horsepower and peak torque of 230 Nm, paired with a 6-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. In addition, the new car also has a wealth of car purchase policies. Customers who order the new car before December 31st can enjoy five major privileges. The first 5,000 customers only need to pay 1,000 yuan to deduct 3,000 yuan from the car price; the first car owner can enjoy a lifetime warranty worth 6,888 yuan and 5 years of car internet access (4G/month); the lowest payment is only 999 yuan to include license plate, taxes, and insurance and drive home, or choose a 24-month interest-free loan; and a trade-in subsidy of up to 8,000 yuan.

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