Wuling Zhouxi Baoshun Yun Duo sales did not exceed expectations, but it is indeed a good car.

Wuling Zhouxi Baoshun Yun Duo's sales fall short of expectations, but the car still proves to be exceptional.

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of October 17th, Zhou Xi, Deputy General Manager of SAIC-GM Wuling Brand Division, also known as Zhou Jinkai on Weibo, posted on Weibo and talked about the relevant situation of the new car Baowo Yun Duo under the BAOWU JUN brand.

Zhou Xi, Deputy General Manager of SAIC-GM Wuling Brand Division

Zhou Xi posted two Weibo posts in a row, talking about his views on Baowo Yun Duo, a pure electric vehicle. He wrote: “What makes me happy recently is that the sales of Baowo Yun Duo are rising quickly, and there are many requests for test driving and orders in the comments and private messages. But honestly, it has not exceeded expectations yet. As a high-quality vehicle in the same price range with the largest space, the strongest power, the longest range, and equipped with the latest technology of DJI’s Lingxi smart driving system, I believe that the ‘popular car’ Yun Duo will definitely make greater progress.”

Zhou Xi’s Weibo post

In the next Weibo post, Zhou Xi also talked about the reasons for the increase in sales of Baowo Yun Duo: “To put it directly, more people have test driven it, and the order rate of Yun Duo is nearly 40% as long as you try the dynamic and static driving. So if you really want to buy a car recently, it’s better to go to a nearby dealership and take a test drive to have a better understanding.” He emphasized that consumers should not be completely swayed by online comments, whether positive or negative. He also emphasized that Yun Duo is indeed a good car and is willing to take responsibility for this statement.

Baowo Yun Duo

However, for Baowo Yun Duo, the challenges it faces are becoming increasingly greater. On one hand, BYD Dolphin, which is the sales champion among similar types of cars and still has sales exceeding 30,000 units, has recently launched car purchase discounts. Volkswagen ID.3, as a joint venture model, has also lowered its price to around 120,000 yuan, which will have a considerable impact on the sales of Yun Duo.

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