Encouraging Nezha? The Nezha endorsed by Gulneza will be officially released tonight.

Boosting Nezha's Popularity Gulneza's Endorsed Version to be Released Tonight!

【PhoneAuto News】October 18th news, Nezha Auto will hold a new product launch event tonight at 19:00. The all-new Nezha X will be officially launched. It is worth mentioning that Nezha Auto previously announced Gulnazar as the brand spokesperson. In response, netizens used the pun “Gulnazar, encourage Nezha” to express the compatibility between the two.

“Encourage Nezha”? Gulnazar endorses the official release of Nezha X tonight

According to PhoneAuto, the Nezha X, which will be unveiled tonight, is positioned as a compact smart electric SUV and is a new version of the previous Nezha U model. The exterior design adopts the concept of “confidence in oneself” and retains the semi-closed shape and L-shaped daytime running light design, presenting a youthful and dynamic style. At the same time, the floating roof design adds a lot of fashion to it.

“Encourage Nezha”? Gulnazar endorses the official release of Nezha X tonight

In terms of interior, the new car uses a large area of brown leather wrapping to create a warm and comfortable environment. The LCD instrument screen is cleverly integrated with the air vent, giving a visual sense of unity. The D-shaped sports steering wheel and electronic gear shift add more sportiness and sophistication to the vehicle. The large floating central control screen adopts a split-screen display design, and the menu bar is integrated at the bottom of the screen, providing users with a more concise operation experience.

In terms of specifications, the dimensions of the new car are 4619*1860*1628mm, with a wheelbase of 2770mm. It is equipped with a 120 kW maximum power electric motor, the same as the existing Nezha U-II. Currently, the first batch of Nezha X production vehicles has been completed.

Nezha X is expected to compete in the market with a price range of around 150,000 yuan. This compact new energy SUV product may attract consumers’ attention and occupy a place in the market.

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