Ji Ke 001 FR will be launched on October 27th! Equipped with a four-motor drive system.

Introducing Ji Ke 001 FR, launching on October 27th! Featuring a powerful four-motor drive system.

【PhoneAuto News】On October 18th, PhoneAuto learned from the official source of Geely that their high-performance model, Geely 001 FR, will be officially released on October 27th. Based on the Geely 001, the Geely 001 FR adopts the 800-volt platform technology and is equipped with a four-motor drive system, which can achieve ZVC four-wheel torque vector control and is matched with a 100 kWh Kirin battery. Currently, blind pre-orders for this car have already begun.

While maintaining the silhouette of the Geely 001, the Geely 001 FR features a white and black dual-color paint scheme, with red lines added to the front and rear bumpers, rear wing, and side skirts. In addition, the Geely 001 FR also adopts a new front bumper design to enhance the sporty feel. The Geely 001 FR is equipped with a lightweight aerodynamic kit, including carbon fiber components such as front splitters with wind blades, side skirts, and rear diffusers. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a carbon fiber roof to further reduce the weight of the car body.

In addition, according to the declaration information, the Geely 001 FR has dimensions of 5018mm×1999mm×1545mm (length x width x height), with a wheelbase of 3005mm. Compared with the regular version of the Geely 001, the Geely 001 FR has increased in length by 48mm and decreased in height by 15mm, while other data remain unchanged. Moreover, the Geely 001 FR will also offer optional configurations with laser radar and advanced driver assistance functions.

In terms of power, the Geely 001 FR is equipped with a power system consisting of four drive motors. The front axle is equipped with two drive motors, each with a maximum power of 155 kW, and the rear axle is equipped with two drive motors, each with a maximum power of 310 kW. According to the official information previously released by Geely, the Geely 001 FR has a comprehensive power of 930 kW, and the wheel torque can reach over 10,000 Nm when performing a U-turn in place. It has a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of only 2.07 seconds and a top speed of 280 km/h.

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