Wei Brand’s high mountain MPV is officially on sale! Three configurations are available, ranging from 335,800 to 405,800 yuan.

New Arrival Wei Brand's High Mountain MPV Now Available! Choose from Three Configurations, Priced at 335,800 to 405,800 yuan.

【PhoneAuto News】On October 18th, Wei’s first MPV, the Wei Gao Mountain, was officially launched, with prices ranging from 335,800 to 405,800 yuan. The four-wheel drive premium edition is priced at 335,800 yuan, the four-wheel drive flagship edition is priced at 375,800 yuan, and the four-wheel drive executive extended edition is priced at 405,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the Wei Gao Mountain adopts the popular large-mouth front design style, with a large-size straight waterfall-style grille, creating a very atmospheric visual effect. The new car has a length, width, and height of 5045/1960/1900mm, a wheelbase of 3085mm, and uses sliding doors for the rear seats. The interior has a 2+2+3 seven-seat layout. Among them, the Gao Mountain executive extended edition has a length of 5405mm and a wheelbase of 3275mm, with a longitudinal length of 3823mm inside the car.

In terms of interior, the Gao Mountain adopts the current popular large-size dual-screen design, with a common rail design for the second and third rows. The maximum legroom for the second row is 1166mm, the seat cushion height for the third row is 350mm, the legroom is 962mm, the headroom is 887mm, and the elbow room is 1593mm. The third row also adopts a split butterfly seat design, which can achieve 4/6 seat folding. Among them, the four-wheel drive executive customized edition adopts a dynamic starry sky dome design, with 830 star points on the rear ceiling.

It is worth noting that the new car is also equipped with zero-gravity massage seats, equipped with 10-point massage/ventilation/heating functions as standard. At the same time, it is equipped with a 12.5L in-car independent compression refrigerator, which can achieve temperature adjustment from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, and adopts a design with double-deck and front and rear openings.

In terms of power, the Gao Mountain is equipped with the DHT-PHEV system composed of a 1.5T engine and a P4 motor, with a maximum power of 358kW and a maximum torque of 762Nm, and it only takes 5.7 seconds for a hundred kilometers to accelerate.

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