Three times in two months, six local Toyota factories suspended production due to an explosion at a supply chain company.

Six Toyota factories in the area suspended production on three separate occasions within a span of two months, all due to an explosion at a key supplier's facility.

【PhoneAuto News】On October 17th, according to the report from Kyodo News, Toyota temporarily suspended vehicle assembly at some of its factories due to an explosion at a supplier’s factory, which affected the supply of components.


The report stated that an explosion accident occurred at a component factory in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, causing an impact on the supply of components. Toyota’s 6 factories located in Aichi and Mie prefectures suspended vehicle assembly for the entire day on 10 production lines. Toyota stated that on the 16th, there was an explosion at Central Spring Fukoka, a component supplier, which resulted in two injuries and affected the procurement of spring-related components. Toyota announced the suspension of operations at 6 domestic factories in Japan, involving 10 production lines. A Toyota spokesperson stated that the next course of action would be decided later on the 17th.

Partial Shutdown of Toyota Factories

It is understood that including this large-scale shutdown caused by the explosion, this is already the third large-scale shutdown for Toyota in the past two months. At the end of September, due to the impact of a typhoon, Toyota factories temporarily suspended operations. And on August 29th, Toyota also suddenly shut down 14 domestic car factories in Japan. Toyota later stated that the reason for the shutdown of Toyota’s car factories in Japan was due to a system failure caused by insufficient disk capacity to process component orders. Toyota stated in a statement, “We want to reiterate that the system failure was not caused by a cyber attack, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.” In order to prevent such accidents from happening again, the company will announce a policy regarding daily review and maintenance work.

As the world’s largest automaker, these repeated shutdowns by Toyota will certainly have a significant impact on its production capacity and revenue. It is quite unusual for such a large multinational company to experience such frequent disruptions.

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