Volkswagen CC will be discontinued! Volkswagen CEO says the sales of this car are too poor and it will be discontinued in the future

Volkswagen CC to be discontinued due to poor sales, says CEO

【PhoneAuto News】The Volkswagen CC, a car that many people have heard of and was once known as the “most beautiful coupe” in China, may no longer be seen in the future.

Volkswagen Arteon

During a recent meeting at Volkswagen’s headquarters, CEO Thomas Schafer discussed the company’s future plans: “Volkswagen will focus more on models with good sales performance, and low-volume models like the Volkswagen Arteon will be discontinued.” The Volkswagen Arteon mentioned here is the overseas version of the Volkswagen CC. The CEO stated that Volkswagen will focus more on a few core models, which will reduce the complexity of the brand and bring higher profits.

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen also announced a new cost reduction and efficiency improvement plan. The target for the Volkswagen brand is to increase the sales return rate to 6.5%, in order to ensure investment in future technology and employment, and to increase revenue by approximately €10 billion by 2026. This will be achieved by streamlining and accelerating administrative processes, improving development and production efficiency, streamlining the model lineup, and further improving product quality. Unfortunately, the Volkswagen Arteon has become the object of sacrifice.

The Volkswagen Arteon was launched in 2017 and restyled in 2020. It is the successor to the CC and is based on Volkswagen’s MQB platform. It has two body styles: a five-door coupe and a five-door shooting brake. The vehicle uses a front-engine layout and is available in both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.

Volkswagen Arteon

This is not Volkswagen’s first model to announce discontinuation. Previously, Volkswagen stated that in order to streamline its product line, it would discontinue the Phaeton and classic model Beetle. It’s not just Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz has also announced a similar plan, with its A-class and B-class models to be officially discontinued in 2025.

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