This paint job is really cool! Camouflage version of Tesla Cybertruck spotted on the streets

Cool camouflage Tesla Cybertruck spotted on the streets!

【PhoneAuto News】Unlike other car companies that like to cover up test vehicles with camouflage, Tesla has never painted its test vehicles with camouflage and does not seem to care if people see the real face of its test vehicles. However, this situation has changed recently, as the first-ever Tesla Cybertruck prototype with factory camouflage was discovered on the road for testing.

Camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck

According to foreign media reports, someone recently discovered a Tesla Cybertruck test vehicle completely covered in vinyl wrap in Palo Alto, California. This is very surprising because Tesla does not like to use camouflage on its test prototypes and has rarely done so in the past.

The photo indicates that the company appears to be reconsidering its position on camouflage, at least with the Cybertruck. Automakers typically wrap their new or updated model prototypes to hide their design, proportions, and other features they do not want the public to know about. The latest Tesla Cybertruck was found with rare camouflage wrapping, which appears to be some sort of desert camouflage. However, compared to the camouflage of other brand models, it must be admitted that Tesla’s looks really cool.

Tesla Cybertruck

However, compared to the previously exposed uncamouflaged Tesla Cybertruck test vehicle, it looks no different, unless Tesla intends to provide a new body spray, or this camouflage itself is a new part of the spray. Although it is not known where the newly camouflaged Cybertruck is different from the previous model, this new look has attracted a lot of attention. In a video, many pedestrians passing by were curious about the vehicle and took out their phones to take pictures. Because at least in terms of the vehicle’s appearance, the camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck is still handsome.

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