Toyota Implements Comprehensive Strategy for EV Batteries Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is the Key to Electrification

Toyota uses a comprehensive strategy for EV batteries and believes that the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is crucial for electrification

【PhoneAuto News】Power battery is the key for automakers to achieve ultimate electrification. According to PhoneAuto, Toyota announced that it will adopt a “comprehensive” strategy in EV (electric vehicle) batteries, treating all-solid-state batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries equally.


According to foreign media reports, Toyota will implement a “comprehensive” strategy to meet all needs in EV batteries. According to a recent announcement by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it will provide subsidies for Toyota’s battery investment plan, and one of the subsidy targets is the lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) that Toyota calls the “popular version” of the battery. It is reported that the total amount of Toyota’s EV-related business that has become a subsidy object is expected to reach about 330 billion yen (about 16.7 billion yuan), of which 117.8 billion yen will be provided by the subsidy of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In addition, Toyota will increase the EV battery production line at the Himeji factory, which is jointly invested by Panasonic, to increase the annual production capacity by 25 GWh.

PhoneAuto learned that although Toyota will also vigorously develop all-solid-state batteries, which are considered strong candidates for the next generation of batteries, this automaker believes that lithium iron phosphate batteries that can be produced at low cost are the key to electrification strategy. Therefore, Toyota plans to accelerate its development speed.

Power battery

Previously, Toyota had stated that it hopes to launch its next-generation lithium-ion battery technology from 2026, which will provide longer range and fast charging capabilities. The automaker also mentioned a “technical breakthrough” to solve the problem of solid-state batteries and revealed a method that is being developed to commercialize the batteries before 2027-2028. The range of electric vehicles using solid-state batteries is about 745 miles (about 1,200 kilometers), and it can be fully charged in 10 minutes.

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