Musk wants to go to India to build a factory? He has been promoting Tesla’s factory construction plan locally

Musk seeks to construct a Tesla factory in India and has been promoting the plan locally

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that, according to relevant media reports, insiders revealed that Tesla CEO Musk will introduce Tesla’s plan to build a new manufacturing base in India to senior Indian officials. It is reported that Musk may complete this matter on Tuesday local time, which will be the first high-level talks between Tesla and Indian officials on the company’s expansion plan in India. Last month, Tesla executives visited India and held talks with Indian officials and ministers on the establishment of a car manufacturing base and battery production in India.

According to insiders, Musk will discuss investment plans and prospects with local Indian officials, and describe the discussions in this plan as a “high-level meeting on the potential of the Indian economy.” “Tesla has developed a strong plan for India, including considerations for the manufacturing industry.” The insider said. Previously, Musk himself also revealed that Tesla may finalize the site for a new factory before the end of this year, and India is an attractive location for the new factory.

Currently, Tesla mainly has four car super factories, which are located in California and Texas in the United States, Shanghai in China, and Berlin in Germany. Among them, Tesla’s Shanghai factory is the largest in terms of output, producing nearly one million cars per year. With Tesla’s improvements to the Shanghai factory, its future car production will be even higher. At the same time, Tesla is also looking for new factory sites. Currently, in addition to India, Tesla may also establish car factories in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, France and other places.

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