The official preview image of the new generation Volkswagen Touareg has been released, and it is expected to make its global debut this fall

New VW Touareg preview image released, global debut this fall

【PhoneAuto News】On June 21st, PhoneAuto learned that Volkswagen has released the official teaser image of the new generation Volkswagen Tiguan (corresponding domestic model is “Tiguan”). As a replacement model, the new generation Tiguan is built on the MQB Evo platform, and both the exterior and interior adopt a new design language. It will provide fuel versions, hybrid versions, and plug-in hybrid versions. It is reported that the new generation Tiguan is planned to be globally unveiled this autumn and will be launched in Europe in the first quarter of 2024.

From the official teaser image released by Volkswagen, although the new generation Tiguan is heavily disguised, some design features of the new car can still be seen. The front face is somewhat similar to the style of the Volkswagen ID family, and there is no large-sized front grille before the headlights, which is replaced by a closed panel, while the size of the air intake grille on the front bumper is larger and more aggressive. Looking at the side, the car basically continues the outline of the current model and continues to be equipped with a roof luggage rack, which looks very coordinated.

In terms of size, the length of the new generation Tiguan has increased by 32 millimeters, reaching 4551 millimeters, the height has increased by 5 millimeters, reaching 1640 millimeters, the width is 1939 millimeters, and the wheelbase is 2681 millimeters.

In terms of interior design, the new generation Tiguan does not use camouflage cloth to cover up. It adopts a cockpit layout centered on the driver. The low-end models will be equipped with a 12.9-inch central control screen, while the central control screen size of mid-to-high-end models will be increased to 15 inches. In addition, all models will be equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a HUD head-up display system.

Regarding the power system, Volkswagen has not yet disclosed any performance information about the new generation Tiguan. However, the new car will offer three power versions: gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid. It is reported that the pure electric range of the plug-in hybrid model will reach 120 kilometers, and the system’s comprehensive power is expected to be between 150-200 kilowatts, and will have fast charging function.

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