In the second half of the year, many Android phones will adopt the Smart Island design However, more than half of the netizens do not like it

Many Android phones will adopt the Smart Island design in the second half of the year, but over half of netizens dislike it

【Phoneauto News】Since Apple adopted the Dynamic Island design on the iPhone 14 Pro series, discussions about this design have not stopped. According to Phoneauto, in the second half of this year, multiple manufacturers will launch Android phones with the Dynamic Island design. Android phone manufacturers are full of enthusiasm, but are consumers really buying it? According to a blogger’s survey, more than half of the participants do not like the Dynamic Island design.

iPhone Dynamic Island Design

Recently, a digital blogger initiated a poll asking whether people like the Dynamic Island design or not. So far, more than 1,700 netizens have participated in the poll, with 920 people choosing the “dislike” option, accounting for over 50%. The number of netizens who “like” it is the lowest, with less than 300 people, accounting for less than 20%. In addition, 527 people chose the option “let’s see how the software adapts,” indicating that many consumers are not opposed to the Dynamic Island design, but value the user experience and value brought by this design.

In the comments section, netizens have mixed opinions about the Dynamic Island design. Some netizens who use the iPhone 14 Pro Max said that the Dynamic Island design is useless, and some think that it is “optional.” There are also netizens who “like” the Dynamic Island design and think it looks good.

Dynamic Island-related poll

In conclusion, for Android phone manufacturers, the most important thing about adopting the Dynamic Island design is not to “imitate its form” or follow blindly, but to consider it from the user’s perspective and determine what practical functionality it can bring. In the future, we will see many Android phones with similar Dynamic Island designs, and we can look forward to whether these phones will bring different surprises.

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