MediaTek and Unity China announce collaboration, Dimensity 9200/9200+ natively supports Unity engine

MediaTek and Unity China collaborate on Dimensity 9200/9200+ supporting Unity engine natively

【Phoneauto News】On July 26th, MediaTek and Unity China, a joint venture company, announced that the Dimensity 9200 and Dimensity 9200+ have officially become flagship mobile chips that natively support the Unity engine. Developers will have the opportunity to create more mobile games that support ray tracing technology, providing players with an immersive lighting experience.

Dr. Li Yanji, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Division, said, “Unity China’s technology and innovation strength have left a deep impression on us. Both parties will focus on innovative game technology solutions and the deployment of generative AI on the edge, conducting deeper and more innovative collaborative projects. The cooperation between MediaTek and Unity China is not just a technological cooperation, but also a cooperative relationship that jointly promotes industry development. We believe that through the joint efforts of both parties, we can bring more excellent product experiences to developers and users.”

The Dimensity 9200 and Dimensity 9200+ flagship mobile chips are the first to support hardware ray tracing technology on mobile devices. Currently, there are several mobile games developed using the Unity engine that support ray tracing functionality on devices equipped with the Dimensity 9200 series chips. As more devices with Dimensity 9200 series chips are launched, more mobile game developers will use ray tracing technology to create more realistic and stunning game content, allowing players to fully enjoy the immersive gaming experience brought by real-time physics-based lighting technology.

On the Dimensity 9200 series chips, Unity China has brought Ray Query technology based on Vulkan and Unity URP to developers. It not only provides the basic infrastructure for mobile ray tracing, but also implements default ray tracing effects such as soft shadows, ambient occlusion, refraction, and reflection. With the technical support provided by MediaTek, enabling ray tracing delivers strong and stable performance output, providing developers with referenceable template cases, greatly improving the efficiency of implementing ray tracing in Unity development.

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