Morning News New update on Huawei Mate60 launch event, new iPhone phone case leaked

Updated news on Huawei Mate60 launch event and leaked new iPhone phone case

【Phoneauto Morning News】As the heavyweight products in the second half of this year, both the Huawei Mate60 series and the Apple iPhone 15 series are undoubtedly the two most anticipated flagship new phones. The latest leaks about these two products have been continuously appearing on the internet. Recently, a digital blogger stated that the release conference for the Huawei Mate60 series is in the preparation process, and news about the iPhone 15 Ultra has also been leaked online.

Exposure: Huawei Mate60 series release conference is being prepared with maximum confidentiality

On August 6th, according to digital blogger @, the probability of postponing the Huawei Mate60 series release conference is relatively low, and it is said that the preparations have already been made. They want to catch up before the holidays. However, the risk control period is from September to October, which has a large span and much higher confidentiality than expected, so it is difficult to obtain an accurate answer.

Huawei Mate60 series news

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 held not long ago, Huawei’s Executive Director, Yu Chengdong, stated that looking back, the light boat has passed through countless mountains, and Huawei phones are on the path of return. Yu Chengdong’s statement has dispelled the gloom of the previous few conferences, and the update of the Mate60 series can be considered a sure thing.

Leaked photo of iPhone 15 Ultra case reveals the possible addition of an “Action button”

Apple is about to release the new generation of iPhone 15 series smartphones this autumn, and rumors about the design and features of these phones continue to emerge. Recently, a leaker posted a series of photos on Twitter, showing the protective case of the iPhone 15 Ultra. The most eye-catching feature is a small button on the left side, which may be the previously rumored “Action button”.

iPhone 15 Ultra protective case

“Action Button” refers to a multifunctional button that Apple plans to replace the mute switch with in the iPhone 15 Pro or Ultra models. According to references in the iOS 17 code, this button can be personalized to perform different actions, such as activating the camera’s autofocus with a light press or taking a photo with a hard press. This allows users to conveniently use the camera function of the iPhone 15 without needing to tap or swipe on the screen.

Most expensive in brand history! Cadillac CELESTIQ price announced, starting at $340,000

Recently, Cadillac announced the price of its new luxury electric sedan, the CELESTIQ. Melissa Grady Dias, Cadillac’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, revealed on her personal LinkedIn page that the new car will be priced starting at $340,000. This is the most expensive model ever produced by Cadillac and serves as the flagship product of its electric car strategy. This car will compete with ultra-luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, showcasing Cadillac’s ambition to be a global standard.


China’s speed! BYD’s 5 millionth new energy vehicle to roll off the production line on August 9

On August 6, BYD Automobile announced on their official Weibo account that in three days, on August 9, the company’s 5 millionth new energy vehicle will officially roll off the production line. It is understood that it took one year for BYD to reach the milestone of selling 1 million new energy vehicles, and only six months to reach 2 million. However, in just nine months, BYD is already producing its 5 millionth new energy vehicle, averaging 7,407 new energy vehicles produced per day, a remarkable speed.

BYD produces its 5 millionth new energy vehicle

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